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Other Best Dining Selections At Seminyak Bali Sep 24

What is best with having a planned vacation in the island of Bali, in your Seminyak Villa surroundings is that you will be able to save for your future food trippings in the whole island. There are large and variety of numbers of restaurants around the stretch of the island which is just about over six to ten kilometres from the airport to Basangkasa and further down the North. And we are about to experience some great places there as well as some local restaurants that has been part of the island’s signature landmarks.

We are going to list down some examples of exquisite restaurants here in Bali particularly in Seminyak:
MANNEKEPIS – Jalan Raya Seminyak 2 – it is just opposite the Queen’s Tan door. This Jazz and Blues bistro serves Belgian home cooking and recipes. They have live jazz performances for folks that are interested to check out some noise along this area. Some of their notable menu items are the lobster bisque, the homemade Pate de Campagne, escargots and chicken Vol au Vent, but the tenderloin and sirloin steaks are also very popular. Belgian specialties include mussels and fries, Hamrollekes, Belgium Stoemp (pan-fried pork sausage) and “Stovers”, a traditional beef stew flavoured with dark beer.

There are also a few Indonesian, Mexican and Thai dishes on the menu, and the drink list features Hoegaarden and Leffe beers and a limited choice of wines. Most dishes are between 35,000 and 90,000 Rupiah++ and wines start around 450,000 Rupiah++ per bottle.

Sip Wine Bar – Jalan Raya Seminyak 164 – this is opposite the Bintang Supermarket.They opened the bar last May 2008, they mostly serve wines and most of their wines comes at a cheaper value starting around US$11 per glass and US $45 per bottle. French home cooking is the way to go here, and some of the following menu items are delightful not to miss. Tete de Veau Ravigotte (boiled calf’s head and calf’s tongue in Ravigotte sauce), sautéed calf’s kidney and calf’s liver, Hachis Parmentier (minced oxtail Bourguignon with red wine and mashed potatoes au gratin), hand-cut Steak Tartar, a delicious duck breast, grilled Australian rib eye steak and a traditional Black Pepper Steak. You can finish your meal with a variety of French cheeses or a number of tempting sweets including a delicious, freshly baked apple tart with ice cream. A very enjoyably meal for two will be around 500,000 to 800,000 Rupiah without drinks. SIP is open from noon till late.

Queen’s Tandoor – Jalan Seminyak 73 opposite of Made’s Warung. They serve Indian recipes and specialties in this house. And delicacies that only fresh from the tandoor over. You can choose from amongst the slowly cooked chicken, lamb, seafood, and also vegetables. To complete the meal, they also have curries, kormas and masallas that goes with the rest.

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Enjoying Tropic Bali Vacation with Private Swimming Pools Sep 17

You probably have had heard of the paradise land called Bali, and then you decided it is time for a new fresh air and a new treat for you and your family. Therefore, you decided this is the right time for you to take a splendid vacation, but you can’t find the perfect villa that you can rent out and take a full rest. Now is the right time for you to sit back and just choose the private Bali Villas that suits you best. This is the perfect time to indulge and have an awesome find in a tropic island as you and your family visits a luxurious holiday in Bali’s famous villas.

The tranquility and lush green environment just make the stress all go away, and it fixes your mind and your nerves into something that is calming and relaxing. The natural beauty of the beach and its waves that attracts every surfers around the globe just make it wonderful to spend the whole time in the place. People across the world are looking at Bali Indonesia as one of their best pick when it comes to their holiday vacation trip.

Bali Villa Holidays is one of the number one sources in finding the best package and holiday villa rental. The Villas are much reasonable in its pricing and it goes without saying the best ones are the ones that are often sought by the people who are in a budget. A great vacation getaway includes having the whole place for yourself and your family or with your friends. In addition, making the most out of your stay. Having your own private swimming pool is also another thing.

Some of the private Villas that you can checked are the Legian Bali Villa, Seminyak Villa, and Oberoi Villa to name a few.
Also it is best to come to Bali with a definite plan and a sure date, that way you can check for your reservation package. So have a great vacation and enjoy while it last.

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Famous Restaurants around Seminyak Bali Sep 09

Bali has a lot of things to offer and one of them aside from beach, surfing, private villas and culture, is the famous places like Seminyak. Seminyak offers its upscale and popular area for its never-ending dining experience. You will be amazed of how many they can offer here, especially in Jalan Raya Seminyak, and Jalan Laksmana. There are so many cuisine, style, setting and ambience to check out and the place is just so amazing you surely will ask for more.

Prepare your budget on the Seminyak dining experience if you truly wanted to experience such rich flavors and fine or exclusive dining experience. Below are examples of some of the famous restaurant around Seminyak Bali that you can check out with upon your stay.

Ku De Ta
Known for its over the top champagne selections, wines and cocktails too, this place is just great for any season parties. There are so many VIP guests who frequents the place and it offers a dining selection that is composed of Australian and Asian fusion. After dinner, swoop into their new upstairs VIP Lounge – definitely worth investigating.

bali restaurants
Lestari Grill and Pasta
Recommended! Lestari is a worthy place for people who wanted to enjoy a high quality meat and seafood, it is located in the quite area of Umalas, and it has surround palm trees around the area with a view of the swimming pool. Perfect for romantic feel. Menu is mix of European and Asian dishes.

The Nutmegs Restaurant
Here they offer sneak peak of Chef Mimbimi and his team’s creations , they offer an array of Asian and Western cuisines comprising of at least 30 different culinary masterpieces, and thus are made up of freshest produce and ingredients.

Kuni’s presents a wide selection of traditional Japanese fare including tempura, gyoza, prawn spring rolls, Thai style squid salad, kushi yaki (grilled food on skewers) and sushi/sashimi treats – all carefully prepared from fresh fish from the sea. For vegetarians, Kuni’s will spoil you with their selection of tasty meat-free dishes

If you are up for Italian approach, then this place is just right for you. They serve cheap Italian food and delicious pizza served fresh from the oven. Trattoria is surely not a fancy restaurant but has a fantastic ambience and like its neighbouring places, is a simple building with a cosy, friendly atmosphere, designed in two dining parts; the indoor and open air garden setting serves a variety of unique salads, delicious pasta, an assortment of paninis, contorni and gelati.

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Why Choose a Villa than Hotels Sep 03

Having a holiday is awesome! Yes. And it is something that anyone is surely been waiting to happen for the rest of their life. To add more treat for your holiday vacation, choosing a villa is a much different option than having a hotel to choose for a place to stay during vacation. Your trip to Bali will be much happier and more cognizant in a much different way if you will find time in looking out for some of the best villa rentals in the area.

For more relaxing vacation, renting a villa is a much good choice rather than renting out a private hotel. A vacation Bali villa will has just about everything you needed that is as if you are away from home and you can have everything you need that will be provided and its just within your reach.

Aside from relaxing vacation, space is always the top most important to consider. Space is important and the first thing that you notice in every villas. In hotel, space is just too little and more cramped than the usual ones like the villa. If you are out in Bali to have fun with your friends and family, to have a blast and just a wonderful private time together then renting out a villa is just right for you.

You need a place where you can be flexible with your surroundings. Where you can cook or have someone cook for you without the hassle of a hotel room that only allow take out or room service food for you. There is much of a value if you think about it thoughtfully, compare with a hotel room versus a vacation Bali villa. One thing for sure, having your own private Jacuzzi or a swimming pool is also a must have in your vacation. A treat for the family as well if they are such a swim enthusiasts, and to be real, villa has more private facilities than a hotel. A vacation rental home is something that is quite special if you really think about it. It provides more amenities than what you can get in a hotel room. There is a much bigger difference. To get more information about private villas and other suites, check out


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